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Garage Equipment Air Conditioning Stations


We offer some fantastic solutions for air conditioning stations that work with a number of different vehicles. Refrigerant flushing is now a minimum requirement for warrantees after compressor failure. An OEM adaptor set which is typically supplied with our solutions, is now required and a they typically come with a dedicated flushing programme for the safest use of the air conditioning station. Air conditioning equipment for garages should have this facility to meet the minimum workshop standards.

You should also consider some of our other air conditioning solutions which include a 3 bottle system for automatic Dye injection and oil replacement. With this particular system the recovered oil is measured and the replacement oil and dye are injected as specified by the programme on the computer. Retaining information through effective databases is crucially important when testing air conditioning units in cars or other vehicles. AT Garage Equipment supply a range of air conditioning solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of the regulations.

Quality Air Conditioning Stock

Some of the Smartcharge products that we stock have an automatic Nitrogen OFN leak test function. Some of the options within this range include their own OFN cylinder which is plumbed into the internal system. With this particular air conditioning stations you have a menu option for an fully automated leak test. This top solution enables you to attain exceptional accuracy.

The technology incumbent within many of our stock reduces the recycling time by approximately 50% when directly compared with other air conditioning stations. As a result you’re able to make significant improvements with your productivity. One of the best features with our air conditioning garage equipment is the easy servicing with usage counter which helps you with when reminders are due.

It is our aim to also offer a number of deals on garage equipment brake testers, two post lifts, hazard warning tapes, straight line cutters and tyre machines. We always have a continual stock flow but you will be impressed with our massive range which is made up of 500mm spotwelder arms, garage equipment tyre machines, clear goggles, tyre tools and equipment, dissimilar electrodes, cylinder trollies and car tools and equipment.

Our second hand garage equipment is just the ticket for garage workshops and body shops alike and we have several branded products to meet your particular requirements. Perhaps you want a wheel aligner or other garage equipment such as car ramps. Whatever your requirements, we now have products and services that will make your local garage business considerably better and far more productive.

Satisfied A/C Garage Equipment Customers

We now have several satisfied customers all over the United Kingdom who are now making the most of our discounted garage equipment, take a look at our many diverse customer testimonials for further information.

We take orders by a number of channels including paypal and many other typical payment methods. You may choose to either collect the equipment or request shipping and delivery to your workshop.

Car, Motorbike & HGV Equipment

Garage Equipment For Car Motorbike & Heavy Goods Garages

AT Garage Equipment offer solutions for workshops and bodyshops.

We offer used and refurbished garage equipment to garages throughout the UK.

Workshop & Bodyshop Planning

Garage Planning

AT Garage Equipment also provide garage planning for your car, motorbike or hgv workshop or bodyshop.

Our planning service is professional, on time and on budget.

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 Garage Equipment & Planning Support

We can support you with any garage equipment queries or information regarding garage consumables or spare parts.

Contact us about our delapsed garage service.