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Garage Equipment MOT Extras & Signs


As well as the more extensive MOT equipment and MOT Bays we also supply a number of MOT extras and specific signs for your particular garage business. This includes various types of MOT ancillary equipment, signs and relevant noticeboards that will be suitable for your operation.

Get in touch with us if you’re after any of the following; brake tester roller gritting kits, swl stickers, hazard warning tape, windscreen damage gauges, explosive atmosphere signs, a tyre tread width gauge, an MOT customer sign, an MOT approved digital tyre depth gauge, an MOT sign pack, an MOT shadow panel with tools or any other MOT extras and signs.

Adequate Signs & Garage Equipment

You should also consider our fully calibrated and VOSA approved tyre gauges for use when MOT testing all types of vehicles. Typically we tend to stock hardened and tempered stainless steel gauges that offer metric and imperial calibration with the opportunity to convert between the two measurement systems. The specific hold feature on many of our tyre gauges prevents the reading from being inaccurate.

It is important that you have adequate signs both within the MOT testing station and also externally to promote your business. We offer complete sign packs that comprise of vehicle testing station stickers, catalysts tested,  viewing area stickers, diesels tested, reception and waiting area signs, viewing area available signs and two MOT parking signs.

Why not consider an MOT computer ancillary pack which includes an MOT Document Store, Dust Cover Set, Keyboard Protector, 2 Belt reel and smart card holders, Mouse Mat, Anti-Glare Screen, Screen Cleaning Wipes and a Clipboard with Stand.

MOT Extras To Support Your Business

Our MOT extras are designed to support your business to make sure that you comply with health and safety regulations and you communicate your business correctly.

We also supply a range of other garage consumables, alignment machines, tecalemit headlamp beam testers, scope 13.5 tonne air operated pit jacks and tyre changer equipment. You’ll be amazed at the extent of our massive range which consists of smartcharge 199s, welders gauntlets, 2 post lifts, blast cabinets, air lines with couplings and wheel alignment equipment.

The products and services that we supply are also applicable to a variety of hgv garages and the equipment ranges from pins + clips, wheel machines, garage equipment extras, emission testers, motorcycle lifts to majorlift pit transmission jacks. The brand names we offer incorporate Tecalemit, Hoffman and Megaplan as well as other types of tyre garage equipment, pit jacks, bodyshop, vehicle hoists and automotive alignment machines.

In most circumstances we tend to simply supply workshop equipment or bodyshop garage equipment and solutions however we also offer detailed and very specialist  garage planning solutions and work closely with delapsed garages all over the UK.

We certainly have a lot of delighted customers who are now making the most of our cost effective garage equipment, have a look at our wide ranging customer testimonials from people throughout the United Kingdom. We take orders by paypal and several other traditional transaction methods and you may choose to either collect the equipment or inquire about delivery to your garage in the UK.

If you need a need a variety of different vehicle lifts or maybe just one motorcycle lift, a tyre changer balancer, a two post lift, a tyre machine, tyre equipment or car tools and equipment then give us a call or send us an email to discover our exceptional and top-notch deals.

Car, Motorbike & HGV Equipment

Garage Equipment For Car Motorbike & Heavy Goods Garages

AT Garage Equipment offer solutions for workshops and bodyshops.

We offer used and refurbished garage equipment to garages throughout the UK.

Workshop & Bodyshop Planning

Garage Planning

AT Garage Equipment also provide garage planning for your car, motorbike or hgv workshop or bodyshop.

Our planning service is professional, on time and on budget.

Excellent Support

 Garage Equipment & Planning Support

We can support you with any garage equipment queries or information regarding garage consumables or spare parts.

Contact us about our delapsed garage service.