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Garage Screw Compressors


We are in a position to offer a range of screw compressors that are designed and engineered to the highest specifications, for long term reliability and effective operation. Depending on the age of the used garage equipment that we supply, you still may be able to utilise the comprehensive manufacturer warranties. Many of our models require very little maintenance to operate efficiently for a long period of time. The screw compressors are high efficiency and economical as well as being space saving screw compressors for organisations who need to be careful with how they use space.

Many of the screw compressors that we have in stock are built to operate within the safety margins of the drive motor. This helps to achieve a slightly higher output and effective operation so the motor is not overloaded.

Exceptional Garage Equipment Features

While offering exceptional output, many of the screw compressors we stock have low level operational noise levels and are typically way below legal requirements for effective sound insulation.

Many of our solutions are easy to maintain with front door service access that have panels that are detachable in seconds. Furthermore, the two stage oil and air separation and the cartridge type offer quick and easy replacement. We also offer solutions with an oil bypass on cold starting which ensures operating temperatures are reached quickly for the prevention of excessive wear and tear.

In a lot of the used garage equipment that we stock for air compressors, you will find an independent dedicated motor driven cooling fan which offers highly effective cooling. We also offer solutions with variable time unload as well as shut down control.

Screw Compressor Solutions

We offer a range of solutions including receiver mounted screw compressors and free standing screw compressors to suit your garage equipment requirements.

Additional to our screw compressor stock, we also offer new garage equipment spares, wheel alignment machines, arc welding electrodes, portapack evolution upgrades and car tools and equipment. It is clear that you will be impressed with our huge range which comprises of petrol emission equipment, garage jig equipment, de 7588 headlamp beam testers, car ramps, tyre inflaters, gasless mig wire mini welding equipment and automotive equipment.

The products that we provide are pertinent to car, motorbike and other garages and the equipment varies from supertracker 4 wheel aligners, workshop equipment, garage equipment car ramps, air conditioning stations to air filters. The brands we offer encompass Boston, Hofman and Cascos as well as specific car hoists, jacking beams, bodyshop equipment, used wheel alignment equipment and four post lifts.

If you require an engine hoist, a car ramp, a car hoist, a wheel alignment machine, tyre equipment or a jacking beam then call us or email us right away for excellent deals. Our delivery is efficient and on time.

Car, Motorbike & HGV Equipment

Garage Equipment For Car Motorbike & Heavy Goods Garages

AT Garage Equipment offer solutions for workshops and bodyshops.

We offer used and refurbished garage equipment to garages throughout the UK.

Workshop & Bodyshop Planning

Garage Planning

AT Garage Equipment also provide garage planning for your car, motorbike or hgv workshop or bodyshop.

Our planning service is professional, on time and on budget.

Excellent Support

 Garage Equipment & Planning Support

We can support you with any garage equipment queries or information regarding garage consumables or spare parts.

Contact us about our delapsed garage service.