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Garage Vehicle Lifts


We offer a broad selection of vehicle lifts, from the small alternatives such as a 2.5 tonne car ramp up to the largest commercial vehicle lifts. We also have a variety of mobile vehicle lifts, single post, two post, four post and scissor lifts. We can also offer you jacking beams to suit most 4 post vehicle lifts and a number of other accessories to suit your garage equipment needs.

Here’s our range:

We tend to stock as much as we possibly can, however if we need to obtain other parts for nearly all lift manufacturers we will be able to deliver them in rapid time. Please contact us for more information on garage consumables and used spare parts for vehicle lifts and other garage equipment. We aim to sell only the best and well-known known quality lifts that are proven to work in a number of different garage environments.

Vehicle Lift & Garage Equipment Options

Maybe you’re after a baseless 2 post vehicle lift – clearfloor model which causes no problems with waste oil drainers or transmission jacks and is suitable for operation with 3 phase electrical installations. This particular vehicle lift has no baseplate which means that lower cars can be lifted comfortably. Given the nature of the installation of vehicle lifts, we suggest that you talk to us about our garage planning services to ensure the electrical conditions and flooring arrangements are suitable.

You may wish to consider a two-post lift which has a rugged 4.08 tonne capacity floor plate lift and also features a Dual-Synchro equalization system. These type of two post vehicle lifts have user-friendly controls, single-piece columns, sixteen individual maintenance-free UHMW load bearings, extra-tall lifting carriages and oversize 5″ cable pulleys. We offer garage vehicle lifts with exclusive features that cannot be found on other solutions as well as more economical products to suit your garage equipment requirements.

Is important to consider the lifetime value of the vehicle lift that you purchase given that you would ideally want a long life expectancy for the lift.

We also offer deals on many garage vehicle lifts, car hoists, battery chargers and testers, major 12 tonne manual pit jacks and wheel alignment equipment. You will be impressed with our diverse range which consists of cutting + drillings, garage equipment tyre machines, liquid handlings, bradbury lift arm lock plugs, dissimilar steel electrodes and wheel alignment equipment.

Previously Owned Garage Equipment

Our previously owned garage equipment is suitable for garage workshops and we have several different brand names to meet your specific expectations. It is possible you want a vehicle lift or other types of garage equipment such as tyre equipment. Whatever your needs, we’ve options that will make your garage business far better and significantly more productive.

If you would like a vehicle lift, automotive equipment, a car hoist, a wheel alignment machine, alignment equipment or car tools and equipment then call us or email us now for amazing offers.

Some of the specific vehicle lifts that we have in stock include boston 3.0 tonne 2 post, tecalemit 3.0 tonne, tecalemit two post, hoffman mtf3000 two post bend-pak 4 tonne two post, tecalemit 4 tonne 2 post, challenger q4 – 4 tonne 2 post, 3.2 tonne 1 phase hydraulic 2 vehicle posts, bend- pak 5.4 tonne two post, boston 4 tonne four, hoffman 3.5 tonne 4 post mot vehicle lifts, hoffman 4 tonne four post, boston 6 tonne 4 post and bend-pak 6.3 tonne four post.

Car, Motorbike & HGV Equipment

Garage Equipment For Car Motorbike & Heavy Goods Garages

AT Garage Equipment offer solutions for workshops and bodyshops.

We offer used and refurbished garage equipment to garages throughout the UK.

Workshop & Bodyshop Planning

Garage Planning

AT Garage Equipment also provide garage planning for your car, motorbike or hgv workshop or bodyshop.

Our planning service is professional, on time and on budget.

Excellent Support

 Garage Equipment & Planning Support

We can support you with any garage equipment queries or information regarding garage consumables or spare parts.

Contact us about our delapsed garage service.