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Used Garage Compressor Spares


Air compressors are often a fundamental part of any garage business and therefore there is a huge demand for garage compressor spare parts.

We stock a wide variety of spares such as a pressure switch, pressure gauge, safety valve, oil water separator, air lines with coupling, air receiver electronic drain, air filters, pcl type coupling 1/4″ bsp male, hpc compressor filter set, hpc compressor filter set or specific oil filters and air filters, so contact AT Garage Equipment today.

We supply specific  pressure switches that can be used with many different air compressor ranges such as Abac, Ingersoll Rand, Clarke and so on. We also offer a 3 phase switch which can also be used for use with single phase installations.

In addition we can provide pressure gauges that are suitable for most air receivers upto 500 litre and they are either bottom entry thread or rear entry thread. We tend to supply used garage equipment and compressors spares that are applicable to a variety of garage businesses.

Oil Water Separators & Other Air Compressors Spares  

Maybe you are after an 11 bar safety valve or an oil water separator which works with any type of compressor. It is important that you maintain the air compressors at your garage because it is now illegal to discharge condensate from the air receiver to the ground or to dispose down the drain. Our garage equipment and related spares, comply with the relevant water regulations and other air compressor regulations.

We are often in a position to offer airlines with coupling and a bayonet to suit various lengths and tend to supply products which are resistant to oil and crushing.  Whatever spare parts that we supply, we always try to quality check all the stock that we have.

We also have a large stock of electronic auto drains which you can mount on your air receiver and then set the time so that you can forget about draining your air receiver manually. The duration for this particular garage equipment can be set to whatever parameters you feel necessary.

Don’t just take into consideration our spare parts, we also offer specialty lifts for specific garages, automotive lifts, z swivels, “3/4″” drive impact wrenches 500ft” and alignment equipment. You’ll be amazed how far our range goes and consists of 316 stainless mig wire midi, tyre machines, clear goggles, tyre tools and equipment, specialist auto tools, premier ds2 diesel smoke meters and tyre machines.

Other Garage Equipment Supplies

Should you need tyre changer equipment, a tyre changer balancer, a car hoist, a tyre changer, alignment equipment or mot equipment then phone us or send us an email right now for amazing used garage equipment offers. It is our intention to supply you with quality products at exceptional prices.

Our second hand garage equipment is applicable to all types of garage business whether you fix cars or HGV vehicles and we stock various famous brands to fulfill your designated preferences. Possibly you want a car hoist or other garage equipment such as wheel alignment equipment. Whatever your specific requests, we have solutions that will make your business significantly more efficient and hopefully more profitable too.

Car, Motorbike & HGV Equipment

Garage Equipment For Car Motorbike & Heavy Goods Garages

AT Garage Equipment offer solutions for workshops and bodyshops.

We offer used and refurbished garage equipment to garages throughout the UK.

Workshop & Bodyshop Planning

Garage Planning

AT Garage Equipment also provide garage planning for your car, motorbike or hgv workshop or bodyshop.

Our planning service is professional, on time and on budget.

Excellent Support

 Garage Equipment & Planning Support

We can support you with any garage equipment queries or information regarding garage consumables or spare parts.

Contact us about our delapsed garage service.